Social Media Purge

Social Media Purge

Social Media Purge

The Social Media Purge deal with a purge of the Twitter accounts that were either inactive for months or ones that were terminated from the network for many reasons. But just what was the purge all about? How was it all handled? Well, the answer to those questions and many more will be covered in the rest of this article.

Social Media Purge Started

The social media purge started on December 28th when Twitter decided to drop the option for “following” backlinks on the deleted profiles. For anyone that has ever used Twitter before, this is a significant deal because “following back” is a critical part of gaining quality backlinks. Many social media sites like Twitter are novices when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), and if you are looking to promote your website and blog(s), you need to know how to handle social media. Luckily, there is a newbie social media guru out there that can help you understand the social media purge and use it to your advantage.

Different Things By Social Media Purge

First of all, let’s talk about why the smm happened in the first place. Several different things happened over the holiday season that caused many prominent Twitter users to drop their profiles. In many cases, this was the only action that these people could take because they could not update. However, many failed and became frustrated because they felt as though the social networks did not care about them any longer.

Social Media Sites

As a result, the purge happened, and some Twitter users reported being unable to access their main Twitter accounts. Other social media sites, such as Facebook. In addition to losing social media capital, these companies also lost their users’ trust.

How Do You Avoid Being One Of Those People That Was Wronged By The Social Media Purge?

Well, first of all, you need to understand why it took place in the first place. Most social media purge victims blame Twitter for the mass of people that decided to follow them, but it is actually the older social networks that encouraged this behavior.

Social Book Pages Posting

It was also common for these two sites’ social book pages to have strict rules against posting. At one point, there was an entire section on the Facebook home page dedicated to the “no nudity rule.” Unfortunately, this didn’t stop the spread of pornographic materials, and eventually, Facebook was forced to develop an entire social media management team to deal with the problem.

Many Reasons for Social Media Purge

In addition to the reason above, there are several other reasons why the SMM happened. Many believe it was due to pressure from advertisers. Some advertisers saw an opportunity to rise from e-commerce and marketing campaigns through social media platforms. As such, the purge effectively killed off many of the potential revenue sources for these companies.

Simple Regulations And Rules

Finally, there is the simple matter of regulations and rules. This has everything to do because every social media site. The SMM resulted in the removal of countless accounts that violated the social media rules and regulations.

Social Media Purge

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