Remove Powered By Shopify

Remove Powered By Shopify

How to Remove Powered By Shopify from my site? This article will show you how to completely remove Shopify from your web pages. Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that is used by many online stores to power their websites. However, some web designers have not found it very user friendly and some developers have created incompatibility between the Shopify and the popular Joomla CMS.

Noticed A Logo By Shopify

Step 1;

In step 1, you should have noticed a logo at the top right corner of your web page. This is the Shopify logo. Right click on it and choose Remove. Alternatively, if you have already noticed the logo, you can hover your mouse over it and choose Properties. In the General tab, look for the Icon Set, next to My Icon.

Step 2;

The second step on how to remove powered by Shopify is to use a web browser to edit the code of your website. To do this, go to Tools > Options and then click Store. In the Store section, scroll down to Manage Stores and click Remove.

Step 3;

As the third step, you need to go to Appearance and change the entire theme. To do this, go to Theme and click on Remove. To know what’s available, go to the themes directory. You can also find a manual page for your specific store in there. If you are unsure on how to remove a theme, contact support.

Step 4;

The fourth step is to go to Settings. Scroll down to Shopify Settings. Click on General, which is the link you saw near the top. Next, scroll down to Shopify Stores and click on Add.

Step 5;

It is very easy to do, as all you have to do is right click on any page and choose Remove Link. If you have multiple pages for your store, it is easier to remove them all, by selecting Remove Link, and then repeating the process for each page. Note that you should not forget about footers, as you may use them for branding as well.

Remove Powered By Shopify Store

Not only will they help you remove some elements of Shopify powered websites, but they will also help you make your website looking cleaner and more organized than ever.

Back To Your Search Bar By Shopify

The final step on how to get rid of Shopify powered by Shopify is to go back to your search bar, and type in the URL that was input in step 1. In my case, the URL was /Shopify/home, so I just typed that in. When the search returns a result, go through the results, and delete any of the boxes that you do not want. You can also delete the search bar if you wish, but most people prefer to keep it.

How To Remove Powered By Shopify

If you are wondering how to remove powered by Shopify, it is pretty simple to remove some of the more annoying features of Shopify, such as the logo, branding, and the footer. Therefore, you may still want to use them, but just make sure that you get a replacement that is either free or very cheap.

How To Remove Shopify Powered By E-Commerce

Once you have gone through all of this trouble, you probably want to know how to remove Shopify powered by e-commerce stores from my computer, right? There are a few different ways of doing this. These are a few different methods that you can take, but I suggest that you either find a method that does not require these things, or follow one of the methods that does.


Remove Powered By Shopify

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